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Our Services.

CARBON SOLUTIONS provides a range of services to the production and manufacturing industry within the United States. Focusing on supply chain and carbon utilization projects, CARBON SOLUTIONS is committed to providing superior quality results in all their projects.

Carbon Materials Production

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces advanced high-performance carbon materials, from synthetic graphite and lithium-ion battery anodes to carbon-based fibers for composites utilized in aerospace and defense applications - all while using a zero-carbon negative emissions approach.

Supply Chain Environental Analysis

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces critical mineral life cycle reports for the sustainability and security of supply chains with the goal of increasing United States national  and economic security. CARBON SOLUTIONS supports utilizing  an American-centered and zero-carbon negative emissions approach.

Environmental Impact Modeling

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces life cycle environmental impact models to evaluate and report on the upstream and downstream impacts of manufacturing and production processes and projects within the United States for private and/or public use.

Life Cycle Analysis Reports

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces life cycle analysis reports to evaluate the (100-year and 20-year) global warming impact potentials for manufacturing and/or production projects within the United States. CARBON SOLUTIONS offers solutions for private and/or public use.

Environmental Impact Reports

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces environmental impact potential reports to evaluate the global warming, photochemical smog formation, acidification, ozone depletion, particulate matter formation, and eutrophication, as well as water consumption of manufacturing and production projects.

Government Contracts

CARBON SOLUTIONS produces environmental impact reports in accordance with ISO 14040/14044 standards and in with present United States government project funding criteria and guidelines for private and/or public use. CARBON SOLUTIONS has successfully completed several such projects to both its clients and the Department of Energy satisfaction

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