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About Us.

CARBON SOLUTIONS is a research and development company actively seeking out and supporting projects that develop carbon-based materials and utilize humane and environmentally sustainable supply chains in the United States. Fueled with a mission to advance mineral processing and other carbon based products and production methods, CARBON SOLUTIONS funds innovative research for the advancement of mineral recovery and provides life cycle environmental impact analysis reports to projects looking to evaluate and better understand their environmental impact.


CARBON SOLUTIONS is powered by American-based technologies and innovations to secure and utilize innovative methods for the production and processing of supply chain materials within the United States (many of which presently are sourced from economic competitors across the globe and have adverse effects on local communities and environments).


CARBON SOLUTIONS is a project of MATERIA USA; a company fronting the negative emissions efforts for American critical material and Rare Earth mineral supply chains, with the aim of reimagining the American manufacturing dream.

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